Re-make Titanic Adventure out of Time!

Patrick Henry
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The Cyberflix video game Titanic-Adventure Out of Time is a 12 year old masterpiece of the point and click genre of video games. The backdrop of the Titanic makes for a fun secret spy mystery involving nazis, communists, and secret macguffins with the intent to change the future. The game was popular, but still looks good since its debut back in 1996. Massively updated with new next generation graphics, this would be a must have entertainment experience! Explore the Titanic fully realized in 3D, talk to influential people that boarded and died with the ship, dodge secret spies and save the world! For a sample view of the 1996 version, go to youtube and type in Titanic - Adventure out of time videos. You can also purchase the original game on ebay, but a new updated version is what I and the undersigned are clamoring for. Thank you!


Patrick Henry, an avid video game fan.