Release The gold Reserve Smoke and Mirrors!

Joey Haley
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In January of 2014, Dan And Dave Buck released through their Deck of the Month Club a deck of cards that are simply breath taking. The cards they released were an unknown chapter in the Smoke and Mirror Playing Cards called Smoke and Mirror Gold Reserve. The Smoke and Mirrors brand has been a huge success since the first Black and White versions a few years ago. Since the original release, there has been several great colors and a great evolution to the series. The Gold Reserve deck was created for Dan and Dave private use. The cards are in a box that looks similar to a old style cigarette box. When you open the box you find a deck wrapped in a gold foil. The deck looks like it has been ripped from the mounds of gold treasures belonging to pharaohs. These cards are not for sale at this time. With this Petition I hope we can change the Buck twin's minds and add another great deck to ALL of our collections.



January 22
We are now live!


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