Release The Ban On Bikes!

Isaac Jones
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Bike riders and skaters have been looking for a place to skate since the Lakeland Florida skate park shut down. Recently a skate park was built in Lake Bonny park, but a ban was put on all bikes. I think this ban should be released so bikers like me can have a legal and fun environment to ride and have a good time. I am sure I speak for most BMX riders when I say that we need a place built for what we do that we can ride in and have no complaints. The Lake Bonny skate park of Lakeland Florida is just that, all we need is for this ban to be released. If you would like this ban to be released all we need is your signature and why you think it should be released; and in no time this ban on bikes will be gone!

Please spread the word to your friends and/or family that might be interested in signing and supporting this petition!





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