Release Pokemon Go in Asia - a plea from your Asian Fans!

Clarissa Glass
Clarissa Glass 5290 Comments
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Asia is probably one of the biggest markets for gaming, especially for mobile game, and yet we are the forgotten nations for the release of Pokemon Go.

We are watching all our fellow Pokefans all around the world, enjoying the gift that is Pokemon Go. When we stare at our own maps, we are greeted with empty land, zero Pokemon and the inability to be able to play.

We plead with Niantic, and the creators of Pokemon Go to please release it in Asia. The lack of updates that you are giving us has left us sadness and losing hope that we will even be able to enjoy the game at all. We sit here, not able to do anything, while you open servers for other countries and regions around us. You have let us down, you have let down the very fans whom will give you a big chunk of revenue from our game expenditure. You have let down the very fans who are from the birth place of Pokemon. You have let down millions of us.

We urge you to release to the Asia regions as soon as possible, or at least give us open communication and updates on what is happening. Do not leave us in the dark, we are all part of the Pokefamily.



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