Justice For Lorenzo

Lois Suttles
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My family and i are crying out for help to anyone that will listen to our plea,imagine the anguish we are going thru,and that can help us. My son was framed for robbery by known criminals with extensive criminals with extensive criminal records. My son received a forty years sentence and the known criminals received reduced sentences. One of the known criminals wrote my son a letter stating that he was sorry,and that he was coerced by authority figures. My son did not have a criminal record before this. He worked and attended his church faithfully. They did not produce any evidence in the courtroom against my son because there was none. They took the words of the known criminal and convicted my son. An FBI agent lied on my son on the witness stand on my son,admitted it,and said that was part of his job. My son had poor representation by court appointed lawyers. We have documents that prove my son was framed. Please go to my son website at www.voiceforinmates.com/myvault/lorenzosubtles.  Thanks very much and have a blessed day. 





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