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Reinstate Harvey Briggs

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Concerning: Harvey Briggs video that was posted on August 11, 2020.

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Officer Briggs is on administrative leave. Please show the evidence in the video that Officer Briggs ripped off Golden’s mask. There is none. The protestors at OUR Capitol have been there day and night for THREE MONTHS. Why hasn’t this situation been put under control? These officers are harassed and threatened while being videoed, just waiting for a reaction to be “caught” on film. These “Peaceful” protestors threaten to rape officers’ children, burn their homes down, and call them 100x daily on their state issued phones to harass them. Governor, you don’t want the citizens to handle this situation, because it WILL get ugly.

Observations on the video:

This video has been tampered with and is a lie.


Andrew Golden yells “what the fuck!” at 1:42 something to just after 1:43.

Right here (1:43) we can't see Officer Briggs’ elbow (the frame cuts off at the end of his sleeve) but we can see the shoulder (top left). Golden is a little taller than the officer so to grab the mask his elbow would need to be at or above chest level. Judging from the shoulder, it isn't.

Also, at 1:43 we see the following:

His arm is very clearly below his shoulder in this pic (this can't be more than 2 to 3 tenths of a second later tops). In fact, his hand appears to be at his waist level.

Here at 1:44, the elbow is bent, and the hand is well below his chest (appears to be at waist level).

So, Officer Briggs would have had to reach up, grab the mask, toss it and then put his arm down below his waist in well under 0.8 second.

Also notice that the camera remained remarkably stable when the alleged mask ripping occurred.

Watch the video again and freeze frame it between 1:42 and 1:44. Officer Briggs would need superhuman speed to rip the mask off, toss it and put his hands back down by his waist. In fact, we never even see the officer’s hands move that time.

Also notice how Golden is able to film the mask landing by the tree. This mask ripping incident apparently occurred in under 0.8 seconds, but Golden was able to instantaneously track the mask with his camera and capture it before it even hits the ground.

At 1:46 you see Officer Briggs foot walking away at least 5 feet away. At 1:48 he is about 10 feet away.

There was editing in this video between 1:42 and 1:48. There seems to be a time lapse and inaccurate monologue.

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