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Reinstate Curtis Taylor at Capitol Hill Montessori @ Logan

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Petition to Reinstate Curtis Taylor at Capitol Hill Montessori @ Logan

Our peaceful, loving school environment does not happen accidentally. It comes about deliberately, thoughtfully, and through guidance from experts like Curtis Taylor.

We are dismayed and angered to hear that our social worker, Curtis Taylor, has been dismissed from his role at CHM@L. DCPS has apparently implemented a new requirement that Social Workers' become Licensed Independent Clinical Social Workers to continue their employment with DCPS, requiring an exam. He took the exam this June and missed the pass threshold by 10 points and was dismissed before his retest in September.

A person's value to an organization is much more than what can be evaluated by a written, static exam. Just as we do not believe that our children are just a number or the sum of their test scores, we do not believe that our teachers and staff should be considered as such. Curtis has been an integral member of our school community and an irreplaceable, positive influence on our children. He is the go to person that parents rely on to navigate the challenges that our kids face as they mature in a diverse and stimulating environment.

The reason many of us decided to keep our children enrolled at CHM@L next year and beyond is because of the dedication and vision created by school leaders like Curtis. Our children are directly harmed by Curtis's removal. He has worked diligently to build trust with the children, knowing each of them personally, making special efforts when necessary to understand each of their unique needs and what makes them tick. He loves these children, and they love him. This damage will take years to repair but compounding this tragedy is that it is a self-inflicted wound.

We are reaching out to request that DCPS immediately approve a solution that allows Curtis Taylor to maintain his positive influence and leadership at our school. A few viable options are:

1) Reinstate Curtis as CHM@L's Social Worker contingent on passing the retest in September

2) Approve funding to keep Curtis employed in an equivalent position that utilizes his skills and relationships with the CHM@L children

Losing someone of Curtis's caliber and relationships at CHM@L would be an irreparable blow to our school community. We cannot let that happen.

In Unity,

Tanya Boone & Bob Callahan

Parents of 1st grader

Tim & Betsy Abdella

Parents of PK3 & 1st graders

Brian Kernek & Erica Moritsugu

Parents of K & 1st graders

Sandra Moscoso & Floyd Mills

Parents of 4th grader

LaurieAnne & Chad Ernst

Parents of 1st grader

Tom & Julie Scofield

Parents of 4th & 7th graders

Chris & Tiffany Hardgrave

Parent of PK-4 student

Gregory & Michelle Adams

Parents of K and 6th grader

Stephanie & Nyall Beggs

Parents of K & 6th grader

Stephanie Coleman & Tony Tomelden

Parents of 3 CHM@L students

Yohanness Ayechew

Parent to CHM@L student

Ashanti Gunthrope

Parent to 3 CHM@L students

Lyvonne Lawson

Parent to 3rd year CHM@L student

Sameena & Tom Kluck

1st & 3rd grader

Todd & Christine Cochran

Parents of 2 1st graders and PK3 student

Fajr Majeed

Parent of 5th grader

Jeron Young

Parent to K student

Susan & Matt Wright

Parent to K student

Lisa Gail Rucker & Souleymane Diallo

Parents to CHM@L student

Lisa Nipp & Mel Antonen

Parents of 3rd grader

Anya & Chris French

Parents of PK4 student

Anita Mingo & Wahan Dansby

Parents to CHM@L student

Michelle Adams

Parents to 1st grader and PK4

Susan & Alex Butler

Parents to 2nd grader

Zack & Christie Poimboeuf

Parents of PK3 & K students

Shannon O. Wright

Parent to CHM@L

Christine V Davis

Parent of CHM@L student

Sheila & Lamont Clark

Parents of 2 CHM@L students

Calvin Davis & Carlet Harris

Parents of 3rd year CHM@L student

Sara & Greg Burns

Parents of 3rd & 1st graders

Kurt & Jennifer Lucas

Parents of 3rd grader

Lori Hamilton

Parent of 1st grader

Dena & Siraaj Hasan

Parents of 2 current & 1 future CHM@L students

Erika Moss

Parent of PK4 student

Whitney Louchheim

Parent of K & PK3 students

Gordon Thompson

Parent of CHM@L student

Wendy Weiner

Parent of former CHM@L student

Azia Lloyd & Dominic Phelps

Parents of CHM@L student

Dionne & Lloyd Bryant

Parents of 2 CHM@L students

Simone & David Blango

Parents of 4th grader

Kristen Addison

Parent of K student

Colleen Zahrewsky & Morgan Hurowitz

Parents of 4th grader

Hyojung & Seth Garland

Parents of PK4 & 1st grader

Morgan Hogg

Parent of 2 CHM@L students

Lucas & Purvee Kempf

Parents of K & 3rd grader

Peter & Cheryl Zimmer

Parents of PK4 student

Lindy & Luke Campbell

Parents of PK4 student

Susan Drake & Alex Butler

Parent of 2nd grader

Catrina Jones

Parent to twin CHM@L students

Vicki Ellis & Daniele Catalani

Parents of 1st grader

Becky Levin & Stacey Folsom

Parents of CHM@L student

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