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WE THE UNDERSIGNED, as MARYLANDERS, have been impacted sorely from the increase in electric rates and are of the firm belief that rising electric rates are not only hurting the economy but adding to the failure of the average citizen to spend their money to stimulate consumer confidence. We are no longer in a position to spend excess money on goods, cars, and entertainment. We are instead spending it on replacement bulbs, alternate heating solutions and handing the rest over to the electric companies. We know the government believes it is important for our children to drink milk and that subsidizing its cost is a good thing, but wouldn't that also hold true that we would like them to be warm and have a light to read a book in the evening. We need assistance with these costs. The American dream used to be single family home, with two cars, and the ability to take nice vacations ;all on a single family income, with a pension waiting for them after years of hard work. How is anyone expected to save for retirement or save for their childrens college, when the few dollars they may be able to save after daycare, health-costs, gas prices, and ever increasing electric rates are making it impossible for people to be self- reliant. Lower the rates or at least subsidize the cost or eventually this will kill consumer confidence in the economy and will make disposable income a thing of the past for the average household. We're willing to bail-out greedy, unethical executives for the good of the economy. Why not do something to help the average tax-paying citizen;get the rates capped/lowered; give substantial tax breaks for green providers or green alternatives; subsidize the cost of electricity, particularly in the winter months. Do something! It will not get any better unless our government officials and the NARUC makes it better. The electric companies have always made tidy profits; is it necessary to make everyone poor to make them richer Electricity is not a choice of something we can do without. They should not be able to charge whatever they want;it should be based on the cost of living, because their costs far exceed that of normal middle-class budget for the month. And we wonder why there is an economic crisis Weren't monopolies outlawed Why are these new super mergers allowed Put the cap back on ~ regulate the electric companies, before it is too late. Thank you for your time Sincerely, The Petition Signers


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