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In 1999 and 2000 the GAA realised that it needed to change something in Dublin. How could 30% of the national population produce less than 1% of the GAA players What then happened was that the GAA set up a Strategic Review Committee (SRC) to consider this and other matters. The Committee reported back in 2002 and said Dublin should at least be divided into two counties for the purposes of Gaelic Football. The recommendation was based on the following facts: - More localised County Boards would have a better chance of ensuring that clubs were developed in line with new population centres, and that this was not happening sufficiently - More localised county teams would have more local interest, better penetration into schools and better public profile in all of Dublin's localities - More localised county teams would engender more rivalry and keen interest WITHIN Dublin - The challenge and prospect of taking on a Dublin team that exists elsewhere in Leinster for example would be "doubled" in the championship draw - That initially the Dublin GAA team would suffer in the short-term but over the period of 5 years the effect of broadened interest in GAA in Dublin would more than compensate for that fact Very little has happened to improve the Dublin GAA scene over the 7 years since that report was ignored. Today [3rd August] a Kerry team struggling for form itself humiliated Dublin. The time for change is overdue. It is time to dust down the recommendation of the SRC.




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