Reform Secondary Sex Education- Include Sex Laws

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Please sign the Sex Education Reform Petition, to help protect adolescence, family, and society from devastation regarding the choices today's youth make regarding sexual activity.

We, as prominent members of society, play a significant role regarding future generations, having the ability to change how or what subjects are taught at public schools.
Sex education must include sex laws, because without knowledge regarding the laws that govern their choices, our adolescence faces difficult decisions concerning sexual activity that could lead to devastation.

As the years change the way we live and as laws derive from revolution, society may be losing prominent young adults to a justice system designed to protect and to serve.

With a 20% juvenile sex crime rate, juvenile sex offense arrests reached an unbelievable increase by 121% between the years of 1980-2003. The strain on the Juvenile Court system significantly lowers if more education is provided to inform our youths for better choices. The adolescence sex offenses would also decline with proper education and information to parents and their children.




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