Reform or Remove Mark Shea

Michael Elohim
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1st- Mr. Shea is not an ordained priest or deacon and has no degree in either theology or canon law. Yet he regularly argues his opinions on faith, morality, and liturgy on your publication. There's something disturbingly Protestant in assuming that an unordained, untrained layman's opinion is somehow worthy of being voiced in a religiously oriented publication.

2nd- Mr. Shea habitually expresses views which many devout, orthodox priests and lay people find odious.

3rd- Mr. Shea habitually mischaracterizes anyone with whom he disagrees as "radical right-wingers", "radie-tradies" ( a label approaching an accusation of heresy), or even "online Pharisees" and "voices amplified by Satan".

Here is a sample of some of the writings and his responses to readers which many find offensive:

This posting contains a quote in which Shea slams Fr. Frank Pavone of "Priests for Life":

And of course we all know about his online slanderings of Father Peter West of "Human Life International":

I am not recommending that you immediately terminate National Catholic Register/EWTN's association with Mr. Shea UNLESS he fails to respond to your repeated efforts to counsel him and reform his work. His reformation will continue to be in our prayers.




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