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Reform in the Westmont DC

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This is a petition for students to express their concern about the changes in the DC.

  • These changes have come without warning to customers. Although there may be a concern about food waste and saving money, there are much more effective ways to solve this issue.
  • This change goes against what is printed on Westmont's website about the dining commons. "The Standard plan allows students to access the Dining Commons as often as they want each week during regular operating hours, and to eat as much as they want at the Dining Commons". (http://www.westmont.edu/_offices/housing/mealplans). This system is interfering with this statement and the very fact that many students have busy schedules and time restraints that may now preventing from them being to eat in the DC
  • This change is a representation of bad customer service. It is unfair to have students purchase (very expensive) meal plans under the impression that they are able to eat and then, due to the carelessness of a small group of students, take that privilege away from all students without warning.
  • This system is creating huge, slow-moving lines and is not considerate of students who have tight schedules. Food is essential to the students on campus. Many students have busy schedules and cannot afford to wait 20+ minutes just to get their food. This forces students to pick less healthy and substantial options, like pizza and cereal.
  • Every person is unique. Everyone has likes and dislikes and different levels of hunger. It is not fair for one worker to be able to dictate what is an appropriate portion for a paying customer.This system will actually create more food waste because if a student is not satisfied with 1 portion, they may not want an entire 2nd portion (In addition, students who want a second portion will be waiting in line when other people behind them may not have eaten yet). It would save more time and reduce more food waste if students could dictate how much food they want to eat the first time they go through the line.
  • Westmont students can rise to the challenge of being responsible adults and being good stewards of the resources they have. Although some students may carelessly grab more food than they can eat, the majority of students can handle the responsibility of knowing how hungry they are and how much they will eat. This issue could be addressed in more effective ways than forcing one worker to dictate how much students can eat
  • There are already a significant amount of students on campus that struggle with eating disorders. Being judged by workers by how much a student is eating, being overwhelmed by having to wait in very long lines, feeling restricted on food, and not being able to dictate how much they will eat are all factors that can only encourage these habits.
  • This system is extremely difficult for students who have any level of social anxiety. As Kyle Hansen has pointed out, "What if someone lost their voice? What if someone had a really rough day and just needs some comfort food to get them through the day?"
  • Many students do not have cars on campus and cannot go somewhere else to get food. Policies force students to be on the meal plan and these new changes were implemented without warning and adequate justification, without consideration for the damage they could cause to students
  • this is creating a hostile environment for the workers of the DC and putting more pressure on them as the DC is already understaffed. Many students are frustrated with this new system and, as a result, may act in ways that express their frustration towards employees of the DC even though this new change may not entirely be their decision. This system is not allowing for the flexibility students have had previously to build relationships with the workers because now, there will constantly be a fast-paced environment where workers do not have enough time to have conversations with students. This change is not good for the Sodexo workers or the students.

The goal of this petition is to clearly present to the Dining Commons staff and Sodexo company how frustrating this new system is to students. This will aim at trying to remove these new changes as soon as possible so that students and workers can have better health (and not more stress) for the rest of the semester.

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