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Urge Greenpeace to Reforest Haiti!

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Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, suffering to massive floods and hurricanes. Deforestation has a large part to play in this. The effect is a sort of cycle. When hurricanes happen, floods occur, destroying homes and property, and therefore making the citizens poorer. To compensate for the loss, the people must produce extra income, which unfortunately is cutting down Haiti's forests to sell as charcoal or lumber. However, trees help reduce flood damage. They slow rainfall so topsoil beneath them can absorb rainwater at a stable rate. Tree roots hold the soil in place so it won't get washed away by rain. Tree branches and leaves collect rainwater, where it evaporates quickly. Forests and trees basically help the environment and soil drain floods much more quickly. So when deforestation happens, the topsoil is not as strong and gets washed away by floods, making future floods become higher and last longer. More severe floods plunges the people into even worse poverty, and the cycle repeats itself. This petition is to support a letter that will be sent to Greenpeace to urge them to start a reforestation effort in Haiti. Reforestation is relatively simple, relatively inexpensive, and yet very effective in this situation. If forests are replanted in Haiti, floods will have much less impact, and so much less 'extra income' is needed, and this causes an effect which helps ensure ecological stability. However, action must be taken now. 50 years ago, 25% of Haiti's land was lush, thriving forest. In 2004, however, just 1.4% of the land was forest, and by now, the statistic has dropped even further. If action is not taken now, there will be drastic consequences. Please take a moment to sign the petition and help support an important cause!


We are four students in the Seattle, Washington suburbs who want to bring awareness to this topic and help take action. We created a small informational website for those who are interested and want to learn more: Note: Some parts of the website are still under construction.

Links This is a site explaining how poverty in Haiti causes deforestation. This is a site explaining how forests play a key role in reducing flood damage. This is a draft of the letter we plan to send to Greenpeace.
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