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Reduce Speed Cushions on Main Campus of CSUMB

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Reduce Speed Bumps and Restore Traffic Flow at CSUMB Petitioning: CSUMB Campus Planning & Development What action do you want them to take: Reduce the number of speed cushions on Main Campus (specifically Inter-Garrison Rd. and Divarty St.), reinstate previous speed limits on Main Campus, and reinstate necessary road signs that were previously removed or changed. Statement: My name is James Dunn and I am a fourth year Biology Major here at CSUMB. Over the course of my four years here, there have been many new renovations to our campus that have benefited student life and the community. The reason I am writing to you is because a new renovation has been added to campus. This renovation is not an improvement, but has become a safety hazard. I am speaking of the numerous speed bumps that have been installed all throughout campus roads, specifically Inter-Garrison road. To my understanding these improved crosswalks, new signage, speed cushions and removed stop signs were implemented under the idea that they are to improve student safety, reduce traffic, and dissuade non-CSUMB commuters from using main campus roads for short cuts. However, they are not achieving the goal for which they were intended. These so-called improvements are proving hazardous to students under several conditions. The first of these hazards is that students are beginning to speed through the parking lots along side the library and along side the parking lot adjacent to the Dining Commons. These conditions pose several hazards for pedestrians walking through those areas. A professor of mine was already involved in a car accident in the Library parking lot due to a speeding student. The second hazard these speed bumps produce is the fact they aren’t continuous through both lanes. I have personally witnessed several drivers swerve around the bumps, either trying to go around them or through them without hitting them. This causes several potential accidents by drivers not staying in their designated lane. The third hazard is that emergency services such as police, fire department, and ambulances are significantly delayed when responding to emergency calls. I have seen fire trucks and ambulances struggle as they try to drive over the unnecessary enormity of these speed bumps. Fourth, the speed bumps themselves create a hazard toward the vehicles that must drive these routes every day. A few days ago I heard that there was an incident on Divarty Street where a student attempted to go over a speed bump and had their bumper severely damaged. Campus has only been in session for two weeks and already these new speed bumps are causing unsafe conditions and damaging automobiles. These new speed bumps are not only causing unsafe conditions for students and drivers, but also pose a HUGE inconvenience for commuters, students, and faculty. These speed bumps were implemented with the intent to reduce traffic from non-CSUMB commuters. However, they are not reducing traffic, but instead promoting traffic. One such example is Inter-Garrison. It alone has four stop signs and over a 15 speed bumps over a span of less than a mile. In the mornings, traffic is backed up all the way through Inter-Garrison and Divarty causing students and faculty alike to be late for class. The MST and the CSUMB Trolly Systems are also suffering on there routes, by tardiness to bus stops, due to these inconvenient and dangerous renovations. Not only are students arriving late to campus because of sluggish traffic, but also because of late buses. I have organized this petition to collect signatures from CSUMB students, faculty, and administrative staff whom wish to reduce the number of speed cushions on Main Campus and restore the flow traffic on Inter-Garrison Rd. and Divarty St.

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