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Reduced fees for Kings Schools, Dubai, UAE

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Kings do not agree to a blanket discount, across all 3 sites and all years, despite being asked by many, we are told that we can apply for help (a bursary application of sorts), but due to these unprecedented times, surely we are all affected one way or another so we shouldn’t have to ask for financial help for a service that we are not receiving, which also involves completing lengthy forms and showing our bank statements - we are all working with Kings re the online learning, but it is not enough to compensate for this, a reduction of fees is essential regardless of the online learning, if you feel the same way please join in our plight and sign the petition

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Many schools have already offered discounts inlight of the circumstances - even JESS which is a non profit, why should KIngs be so different

Others will follow, we are only asking a fair request, nothing unreasonable, we feel Kings should be more reasonable and listen to our needs, this way they will gain the loyalty we want to give, Kings talk about being a a family, we should be treated like a family,

Dear Management of Kings

In light of the existing situation, we, parents of Kings Schools, appreciate the Institutions’ continuous support and back the decision of the school’s closure for the safety of its students. However, we feel that it is unjustified that Kings is demanding a full fee payment for the Third Term’s 'Distance Learning Program'.

It is important to address that the online learning platform is not a complete alternate, but rather a supplement to the Term Education. Parents have to put in more than 5-7 hours a day, 3 hours plus for FS (stopping and starting) we are, assisting our children to complete the daily assigned lessons, provide resources, stationary, technology, not to mention the added mental strain and pressure of working from home simultaneously and maintaining home life commitments for example with siblings or family commitments, plus the added stress and worry for our own safety and that of family and friends overseas

Moreover, keeping the current situation in mind, the government has policies in place which gives the employers a choice to reduce the salaries appropriately. While we appreciate the school’s decision to pay its staff in full, we also firmly believe that this is purely an employer’s decision and responsibility and that the financial implications of this decision must not be passed on to the parents.

In addition to this, the children are not attending school for the entire semester, neither using the premises, utilities, facilities nor all extra circular activities which are now closed for the entire semester thus reducing the school’s costs.

We also believe that Kings current offer of a Bursary is unreasonable, all families are affected one way or another so this would mean that most if not all apply, so how does it make sense to increase paperwork and time consuming applications on both sides, this is more time taken up that we need elsewhere, plus why should we claim for relief or help for a service that we are not receiving

Over the course of the last few weeks, we have seen businesses and companies suffer, families across the city taking the brunt of this situation- most employees are being laid off, forced to take unpaid leave or are facing up to 30% pay cuts. Most Businesses across the world are struggling and commercial activity has now come to a complete halt in many countries, these are severely difficult times for all of us.

Considering these prevailing conditions, many schools in Dubai are supporting the parents and have announced reductions in fees.

We expect Kings to also adopt this view, we collectively appeal to Kings Schools for a minimum of 30% Fees Reduction. For those parents that have already paid, we request their payments to be refunded or adjusted against the following year if they decide to stay with Kings for the forth coming year, however the decision to refund or credit should be that of the parents as they may prefer to receive the funds back during these difficult times

This is a very difficult situation for all of us, we hope Kings will also play its part, the way we assumed it would without resorting to this Petition

Your Co-operation will be highly appreciated, we look forward to hearing from you in due course

Parents of Kings Dubai

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