Vacant plot at SF-9,Block-E,N'N'abad has become hazourdous.

Taher Nadeem
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The petition as titled above needs immediate attetion to the conecerned authortiy/lawful authority being the above plot lying vaccant since 4 decades and the concerned authority has never taken any action as to why it is ying vacant? as a result the plot has become a jungle created hazardous to living people near by. It has become so miserable/wratched condition that ground floor residents caanot open their windows for ventilation because mosquito & number of other flies/crawling creatures,dirts, smokes etc enters/climbs on windows. To pass night sleeps has become awful, unhealthy atomosphere,casuing disease, etc. It is believed that owner has never taken any intrest for the reason best known to him. It is therefore required immediate cleaning of the plot in order to make the nearby's people living in the fresh atmosphere.



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