Reclamation of Christian Ethics and Morals in America

Timothy Ruppert
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As Christians, we believe that the only way to the Father is through the Son. We believe the laws of God serve a higher purpose than the laws of humankind. When federal, state and local laws are constructed and enforced that defy Christianity and the ability to uphold our beliefs at the expense of secular agendas that defame and dishonor God, we are forced by law to live against our beliefs.

Christians of all faiths are asking the various forces of government to do the following:

1. Allow marriage defined by God to remain a union between a man and a woman and a holy rite given in the Bible by God. Create a new title for non-Christian marriages that allows for secular beliefs while providing Christians the opportunity to follow the word of God instead of the subjective beliefs of humankind. Separate a rite provided by God from a right given under the ever changing laws of humans. Allow the church to maintain all powers and rights for the rite of marriage honoring God while having the various branches of government including the legal system remain unable to force their secular agendas on Christians and mock God.

2. Forcing Christians who pay taxes to see their moneys used to fund abortions makes them accessories to murder in their eyes. Please refrain from using any tax dollars collected from Christian Americans to fund abortions so that we can cleanse ourselves from this unacceptable act and continue to freely experience our belief that life is a gift from God and that the soul has no scientific explanation and remains His domain only.

3. Please refrain from allowing any elected politician from chastising the word of God contained in the Bible and using their personal beliefs to undermine the teachings of God the Almighty. When politicians express beliefs that condemn Christian values and the teachings of Christ, they are expressing prejudice and condemnation of Christian values and must either provide equal condemnation of all religious and nonreligious beliefs equally or be held accountable for discriminatory actions.

4. All federal and state governmental agencies must enforce the rights of citizens assured under the Constitution and United States laws. These rights must be honored and upheld and any governmental entities who attempt to operate above the law must held accountable and punished. While color of law issues abound in America and they are enforceable on record, no governmental agency empowered to enforce such laws can do so when they are a part of the government itself which is indeed the problem. The establishment of a regulatory and enforcement board that is completely separated from the government is the only pathway to actually dealing effectively with bipartisan corruption and returning power to the people.

5. While all people in this nation are free to possess their own beliefs, open discrimination of Christians in America will no longer be acceptable or tolerated. When America is heading in the same direction that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, Christians have every right to attempt to right the many sinful wrongs in an attempt to save a once God-fearing nation from immanent destruction. Christians should have every opportunity to stand up for Jesus without suffering ridicule that any other non-Christian entity would file suit over. Professing to be a Christian and living and following a Christian life are two very different things. Please allow for the complete separation of church and state by refraining from imposing anti-Christian laws on Christian. Keep those laws for the every growing population of nonbelievers and allow Christians to follow the word of God unimpeded by the sinful ways of humankind.

Signing this petition demonstrates an allegiance to God the Almighty and not to any created nation that has moved steadily away from the word of God. As Christians living in America, we demand to enjoy the freedoms that all other American citizens enjoy and the ability to answer to God alone when it comes to moral and ethical issues.



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