Reclaiming the Media for Families

Matt Coren
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Are you tired of inappropriate programming for you and your family when you sit down to be entertained? Fed up with awkward moments and embarrassing brands when you are watching television together? ComstarMedia wants to reclaim the media through our cable properties American Life Network and Family Net, providing a platform for the entire family to enjoy wholesome programming with integrity, where values are embraced, morality endorsed, and the family celebrated. It is our mission to serve a market that has become increasingly underserved in the media today…. America’s Families. It has become increasingly difficult for independent networks like ours to gain a position on the big media platforms and cable companies. Your belief, your help, and your voice can make an enormous difference. As consumers, your needs are a priority that will communicate the amount of people out there that want and need appropriate programming for their families. With your help, we can stake our claim, and change the media.





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