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Stan Charlack
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Business Owners in Charlack want to Bankrupt our City in order not to pay Merchant Fees like every business in every city does elsewhere. Some owners think they need to vote here and where they live. This is how greedy these owners are. In order to save a buck they want to bankrupt Charlack and ruin your investment just to avoid paying fees.


They backed, supported, and endorsed Frank Mattingly and Mark Chamberlain. Those two in return are having Dale Mabra do their duty work for them and these business owners who have betrayed each and everyone of us as residents in our city.

Our city had an audit done, is under supervised control by a CPA already, and Mabra is blowing smoke to create a false hysteria with his petition.


This needless duplicate of another audit will cost our city $15,000 plus that was not budgeted for. Mabra is an ex-alderman who strategically waited until a budget was made and approved to start up this needless second audit effort and challenge the Certified Public Accountants who monitor our books now as if they are not capable and licensed professionals.



If you signed the Mabra petition then here is your chance to recant that action now. Please do consider this petition carefully and realize that Mabra along with Business supported Mattingly and Chamberlain are all out to ruin and bankrupt Charlack to make this Unincorporated St. Louis County.


SAY GOODBYE to the city your tax dollars built, companies like Gateway BMW and Rottler just moved here and already want to ruin everything we have just to save a buck.


All at your police, no park, no events, no public works, property values will drop, crime will rise over night, and your house will become an investment loss. Greed drives some people to do horrible and dishonorable things like these......don't be fooled.


Election time in April 2014 is a time to oust Chamberlain and Mattingly and that time will come.  Now is the time to say no to selfish self-serving business owners hell bent on destroying our community. We would be better off with business at all but that won't happen, let these business owners move ... other owners will gladly capitalize on these moves and it only makes sense because Charlack has Interstate Access and view ability that business owners die for.



Let's SAVE Charlack now before the greedy takes us to the bank and cash us out ? 






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