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Recall Senate President Stephen Sweeney of NJ

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We the people of the State of New Jersey there hereby sign this petition to "RECALL NJ SENATOR STEPHEN SWEENEY." The people of New Jersey deserve better, under a decade of failed policies and leadership New Jersey is in a massive decline:
- The highest property taxes in the USA.
- The 2nd highest Income Taxes in the USA.
- The most expensive roads per / mile.
- Failed policies on crime.
- The city of Newark NJ had the most murders in 2013 ever recorded.
- Essex county had a record 475 Car Jackings in 2013 the most ever recorded.

Instead of focusing on fixing the NJ economy which is currently a mess with unemployment in the upper 25th percentile in the USA - he instead has been focusing on prioritizing gun-control legislation in back room deals; in a state where the right to carry is already denied to average citizens.


If Sweeny was truly interested in preventing crime and madmen from using GREATER THEN 10 bullets at one time, then he should add a mandatory 1 year sentence for each bullet used to commit a crime above 10 rounds - and exclude acts of self defense. Clearly, the purpose of his legislation was NOT TO PROTECT THE GENERAL PUBLIC, IT WAS TO DISARM THE GENERAL PUBLIC

Recommended Formula:

{+1 mandatory year added to a jail sentence:
if > 10 bullets used to commit a criminal act}

- Now that's just common sense gun legislation which targets the right people i.e. THE CRIMINALS.

Under Sweeney's currently proposed legislation, a criminal who uses 2 separate 10 round magazine gets NO ADDITIONAL PUNISHMENT (he must think that's okay) versus - a criminal act which uses 20 bullets will result in a criminal getting an additional 10 years of incarceration (+10 year mandatory sentence = 20 - 10 maximum new threshold). This solution targets the problem New Jersey is facing today; versus Sweeney's fantasy legislation meant to solely appease his constituents and the left leaning media; based on an event which has never occurred in over 225 years in the State of NJ - which already has the strongest anti-gun laws in the USA.

Lies, Lies & Exploitation:

Nobody is buying your lies Sweeney, there hasn't been a single mass shooting in the state of NJ since it was founded on December 18, 1787 - so stop exploiting the victims of the Newtown CT shootings by parading them throughout the State of NJ like hand puppets. Your behavior is disrespectful to those who lost lives, you have no honor for the victims of this heartless tragedy. Sweeney exploiting victims is despicable and reprehensible behavior.

Let's send a strong message to the New Jersey State Legislators by signing this petition and let them know you are feed up their failed policies on social, economic, and crime statistics.

State Senator Stephen Sweeney has held office for over a decade and now resides as the NJ Senate President and has now taken to closed door non-public hearings on issues which seriously will affect all people in the state of NJ.

We the people of NJ demand a voice in ALL NEW LEGISLATION WHICH IS PROPOSED; and therefore sign this petition to RECALL STATE SENATOR PRESIDENT STEPHEN SWEENEY OF NEW JERSEY.


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