Recall Gary Sherwood & Jerry Weiers

Larry Scruggs
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These two elected officials do not listen to their constituents. They blatantly disregard residents' opposition to 85 foot high digital billboards which will be disruptive to neighborhood lifestyles and reduce property values in Glendale. Additionally, both are arrogant and refuse to work with the residents of Glendale. These two individuals need to be removed from office and replaced with officials who will listen to the people. Also, recently Standard & Poor's downgraded Glendale bond ratings and cited weak management. It's time for a change.



February 27
We are now live!


  • Jennifer
    Jennifer United States, Tempe
    Mar 27, 2014
    Mar 27, 2014
    Here here. Let's get the word out that the people in Glendale do not want these tacky billboards!


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    Lisa G. Durbin
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