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Recall APTC Board

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Recall the Board

The undersigned owners of units at APTCA, in accordance with section 3.4 of the bylaws, hereby request a special meeting to recall the board of APTCA. Per section 4.7 of the bylaws, the proposed removal of each director shall be voted on as a separate question. The vote shall be by the members present, or by proxy registered with the secretary. Immediately following the removal(s) an election shall be held then and there to fill the vacancy(s)

Sivers - In the 2020 reserve study, the complete renovation of Sivers (rec building) including a new HVAC system was shown as $487,500 spread over 4 years. In May 2021 the task force said it would be $1 million to be completed in 2021 and 2022. In November 2021 the estimate was $2.2 Million and all work to be done in 2022. In May 2022 the estimate was up to $3.3 million. In June the estimate was up to $3.5 million with most of the work to be done in 2023. Coincidentally, the association is borrowing $3.5 million, incurring $600,000+ in interest costs. Sivers is a 6870 square foot building making the renovation over $500 per sf, before interest costs. Units at APTCA generally sell for around $300 per sf, sometimes less. This plan was voted down 6-3 at the May board meeting. The board chair called an emergency meeting within a week to reverse the vote. He opened the meeting by saying he did not want to hear anybody's credentials as they added no credibility to what was said. He then said no alternatives could be brought up unless there was a contractor bid in hand. It passed 5-4. The contract is still a secret from the rest of the board members.

Terraces - From 2019 to 2021 APTCA had a structural consultant and a contractor repairing all the spalling concrete on the exterior of the buildings, among other things. In 2021 the board chair, without consulting anyone, ordered the repair of the spalling on the terraces halted. There has been no work on this spalling in 2022, meanwhile, the spalls continue to deteriorate. The railings were supposed to be cleaned and painted in 2020. This was postponed to 2024. The corrosion at the base of the stanchions continues unabated. Multiple professionals have stated that there is no hidden structural issue but the search for a consultant that will find one continues. This should not be a project; it is just ongoing maintenance.

EV charging - APTCA had a load study done to determine how many EV chargers the current electrical infrastructure would support, answer 7. Instead of looking at 4 to 6 fast charging stations, operated by credit card, there is now a task force looking at upgrading the entire system to support charging at every parking spot.

Sprinklers - Apparently the insurance company said something about APTCA not having sprinklers on every floor and in every unit. The City of Portland has confirmed that the buildings are fully code compliant and will be compliant in the upcoming code revision. The board is talking about installing sprinklers.

Windows - The subject of replacing all the windows continues to appear on long term planning documents. The windows do not leak now that they have been recaulked. All of one building and several units in the two other buildings have double glazed windows. There is no logical or economic reason to replace the windows. MAROG just voted to accelerate the start of the window project from 2026 to 2023

Maintenance - The general appearance of the buildings is poor. The building engineer has said he needs 9 maintenance staff. The current plan shows 7, at last count he had 5. In 2022 the reserve fees were raised 4.6%. Inflation was 8.6%. We effectively cut the maintenance budget 4%. The board loves to talk about grand projects, but never talks about maintenance.

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