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Johnny Test:Back In Action (Johnny Test revival)

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Johnny Test created by Scott Fellow,show ran from 2005 through 2014 on kids WB and Cartoon Network with 6 season and 117 episodes. show it about 12 year old boy name Johnny test who going on adventure with he talking dog name Dukey along they journey they help with Johnny smart scientists twins sisters both name Susan And Mary Test tall together gone into crazy adventure. Facing many enemies like rich overweight boy,alien,monster's and more foes

now owned by company DHX Media johnny test reception negative by critical saying it "rip off" "worst Show ever" and "it unfunny" many anti Johnny Test arts on deviantart and tumblr and never put back season 7

For my options I think show it pretty alright much parts

trust it not funny and unoriginal but still good show to watch sometime on online I think Johnny test need come back for just one or two season this show second chance and redemption making up all mistakes it that with bring back old & new voice cast's with brand New animation's from nelvana & new writer's,finally the same old opening song now remix & cover by saint asonia

Johnny Test:Back in action writers team

  • original writing by multiplies (of my choice or Nickelodeon chosen they own writer's) writer's. but fearing be going hour's long so I decided cut half into each 22 minutes, air 22 minutes on each week on Monday 7pm after story arc movie episode the show going back to Johnny test root with Johnny & Dukey on some crazy adventure with he Friend's & Family's
The Writer's
  1. Alen Ladavac,Dave Polsky & Ciro Nieli
  2. Ed Skudder,Zack Keller,Scotty Mullen & Edward Neumeier
  3. Sarah Oleksyk
  4. Tom Martin & Len Uhley
  5. Ryan Ridley
  6. Jennifer Skelly
  7. Darrick Bachman
  8. Matt Wayne
  9. Ashley Burch
  10. Whitney Wetta
  11. Noelle Stevenson,Ryan North & Sonny Liew
  12. Haley Mancini,Jeffrey Bielawski,Fred Lenoir,E.J.Altbacker & Ashley Eckstein (A hour finally of Back In Action story arc)

What is Synopsis/Plot of Johnny Test:Back In Action

It been 2 years pass since after Episode Johnny Last Chapter

Johnny Test (voice by Bradley Steven Perry) is now 14 year old along with he best friend Dukey (voice by Trevor Devall) age will. everything is normal all villains are good or in prison,Mary & Susan move away. Johnny now living life as normal teen in retirement from saving day,going on adventure & being Johnny X it kind boring. than one fatal day alien's race from another dimension Lead by Lord Queen to invasion earth taking over the whole planet and worst of all? they stealing all world junk food & snack's. Johnny returned from retirement to saved the world once more with he best Friend Dukey on he this journal along side & Twin sister's return to help,this adventure filled with meet old & new Allies,Action,Guns,Aliens,Space,Explosive,Wartruck,Robot's,Friendships,Bacon,Bear's,More Funny,Less Whip And More to come.

Cartoon network not 100% interest bring back Johnny test and Disney's don't care about johnny test not big as Ducktale,Gravity Falls & Svtfoe Plus they have this gaming block going. for Nickelodeon looking for new show only cartoons they have SpongeBob,TMNT,loud house,Bunsen is Beast and Welcome to the Wayne but only cartoon current airing new episode's & Rerun of Johnny Test air on NickToons

SpongeBob & ,loud house the rest cartoon have little air time with Johnny test adding on nickelodeon block giving johnny test a fresh start & new viewers whole new adventure new setting & story

Hate or love Johnny test given show a second chance & run help bring back Johnny test making good again. if return it can be good Nickelodeon & DHX Media with help of Nelvana,Studio B Production & Stoopid monkey entertainment studio.

with huge collaboration created this revival ,with your sign this petition put Johnny test back on air if your chosen,use #BringTest on Twitter,Tumblr & Instagram to spread word about ir

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Asking people's from Nickelodeon to revival Johnny Test bring back on air with your supported help we give this series a another run.

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