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Help The People Who need it

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Here in the United States, or in parts of the US, disability is a check given to people who need help and or are not able to work. People who are ill and dieing or are mentally and psychically disabled. Nevertheless, the sad part is….disability takes awhile for people to sign up on and it can take months to be approved and you cannot be working. The other sad part, you have to be dirt poor or make a certain amount of money to be on disability. Sometimes, having dozens of children by different men gets women on disability faster then you can “Bob’s your uncle!” Ninety-nine percent of Americans who are on disability are lazy people.People who can work, but do not want to. Because, disability is a free check that pays for whatever people want. Did you know that those people are drug heads and alcoholics? Those people use that disability check to buy drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Not to buy food, pay bills, put their kids through school, or buy clothes! Some of them use that check to gamble. Some use it for dog and chicken fights! Some of those people use that check to buy them fancy cars and designer clothes! Things they do not need! They can get to points A and B with an old car and they can live on clothes bought at Wal-Mart and Dollar Stores! They do not need a big fancy truck that bounces when music is played! They do not need clothes by these big designer companies! A pair of jeans and a truck made in the 90s will do perfectly fine if taken care of! These people are lazy! They can work! Go! Go to those peoples’ houses! Ninety-nine percent of those peoples’ houses are filled with drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes! Not food or clothes! They do not use those checks to buy clothes for their children or themselves! They do not buy food! They buy drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes! Some of those people do not even take baths, just so they can be pitied and put on disability! Some of them run their homes down, just so they can be pitied and put on disability! One% of those people are people who truly need disability! What is this petition is about, you ask? It is about speaking for those who really need help! The government will only help those who give them a sob story! What about the people who really need help? The people who cannot afford to quit working and are not able to work! If they sign up for disability and quit working, it can be months before they are approved! By that time, they will be starved and sick or dead and their water and electric will be cut off! We pay taxes and our money goes to the people who do not need help and are too lazy to work! Our money should go to those who really need money! Our money should go to those who cannot afford to work and are not able to work! Our money goes to the people who buy drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, bet on dogs and chickens, and get abortions! The government will help drugs heads and alcoholics, but they will not help people who really need help! The government wants people to stop smoking and driving, but not drinking and driving! The government will help young girls and women get abortions, but not the young girls and women who want their babies and need help! Help those who really need help! Not these lazy low life people! Help the men and women who need money to pay for surgeries and medicines! Help the men and women who have arthritis and can barely stand and walk! Help the men and women who have had heart attacks and need help! These people are not able to work, but they do! Why? Because, they cannot afford to quit working to be put on disability! It takes too long to be approved! They would be starved and sick or dead and their water and electric would be cut off by the time they were approved! Help the needy! Help those who really need help! A woman is in need of surgery. She is almost blind and her lungs have spots that could lead to lung cancer. She has had a heart attack and, now, has heart problems. She has asthma and arthritis. She can barely stand and walk. She works and is not able to and is not paid much. She tried to sign up for disability but was denied. She was then told she could sign up for a medical card and she did. The woman helping her said she had approved then a few weeks later. She received a letter stating she was approved and she could use the medical card. When she went to schedule the surgery, the doctor informed her she did not have a medical card and that is was invalid. She called the woman who had helped her and the woman said; “I’m sorry, but we did not approve you of a medical card. You make too much.” Now, she cannot have the surgery. The same woman helped with her daughter’s medical card and said she approved to keep her medical card. Recently, her daughter’s medical card was taken away. She has received a letter stating the daughter could keep her medical card until she was twenty-one. She called about it and the same woman told her: “We did not say that. I am sorry. You make too much for her to keep her medical card.” Her daughter is, also, almost blind and has asthma. She does not have a gallbladder or tonsils and has an ulcer. The doctors, who found the ulcer, do not believe she has one and denies her the medicines that will help the ulcer. She has gone without the medicines for almost a year and every day the ulcer gets worse. They can barely afford to pay bills and their home has poor electric and no heat. They try to get help, but are denied or lied to. It is sad the government will help drugs head over two people who really need help.

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