ENV- Energy Needs Values

Charles Hall
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We the People of the United States of America are demanding change in the policies and financial expenditures of taxpayer funds that have been used to foster negative development of sustainable and viable energy sources. 

We the People of the United States of America demand that our government no longer subsidize energy development to companies who are using fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and coal exclusively; or as a form of energy creation of more than 50 percent of their primary product. 

We the People understand that these are fuels already in use today and each company we subsidize is making profits which are not returned to We the People, or developing lower-cost forms of energy. We the People see our taxpayer funds being used to 'promote' alternative energy, and being used to pay exhorbinant bonuses to executives, instead of developing new or competing energy products that return a value commiserate to what our lawmakers have spent in our good name. 

We the People understand that these subsidies, which are a result of increased taxes,now and into the future, represent nothing more than an increased fee for a failing industry that is either unsustainable or is taking funds from other alternative source development which we believe is more sustainable. 

We the People understand that alternative energy sources have already been researched and developed for the following technologies: 

Vertical Wind Turbines 
Nano Tube Solar Panels 
Thorium-based Nuclear Energy 
Hemp-based Bio Fuel 
Solar-based Steam Generators 
As well as many others not listed here.

We the People are aware that further development of alternative sources for public use has been reduced, and instead given to companies in the form of uncollateralized loans which have been a large waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer funds, with no oversight or prosecution of the responsible companies and legislatures when it has occurred. 

We the People demand that this unbalanced and unregulated support for industries who are not working in the public interest stop. We demand open dialogue, open public disclosure of energy funds, a direct and developed Energy Policy within 18 months, and equal funding for all areas of realistic and  documented research which has been peer reviewed by unbiased and unsubsides agencies. 

We the People demand that individuals, corporations, and governments who directly benefit from subsidy and profit no longer participate in the awarding of taxpayer funds for research, development, or review of either. 

We the People promise to begin our own research into viable alternative energy sources and will demand in open forum of our legislature and candidates to declare their intentions to not just promote the research, but to give reasonable time frame of results that can be concretely proven under peer review.  

We the People declare that we intend to reduce our dependence on those corporations who can not function without our subsidy and will work together to remove legislature's who are not working in the interest of We the People.

We the People sign this petition as individuals, working in a collective agreement of the expectation of change, not in rhetoric, but in application, today.