Re tree the ridge

Brian  Walters II
Brian Walters II 34 Comments
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This petition is to insure that the developer of "The Summit At Bethel" replants the tree line that was clear cut during construction. The carnage of this scalping of the ridge line can be seen for miles and is totally unacceptable. The view of this ridge line should be for all in our community to enjoy, not just the people who live a top it. Making this happen will be a group effort. I ask that people from Bethel and surrounding towns please sign this petition.We are going to ask that a mix of both mature evergreens and hardwoods be planted to soften the view of these townhomes year round. Our goal is to have 500 signatures to present Bethel officials and demand that our requests of proper screening is met prior to the developer packing up and leaving us with this eyesore.

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