Let us be treated with some dignity for once!; Get new staff at Newtown Job Centre!

Bethany O'Connor
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Just spoke to Citizens Advice Bureau about the Job Centre, they are helping me appeal the decision of sanctioning my payments because apparently I refused to apply for a job, even tho I did apply!!!! My payments are being sanctioned until April, and that until then I should rely on family and friends to give me money! The CAB lady told me that apparently they have been sanctioning loads of people money recently, even over the Christmas period! I am trying to start a petition to over rule Newtown staff, coz they useless!! A WASTE OF OUR TIME!!!!!!! So please sign this petition if you want something done about the pathetic state of Newtown Job Centre. I wonder how unemployment rates are going up yet people that are signing on are decreasing!! Because we are being force to sign off under any means. What a joke...... I wont stand for it any more!!!!! I NEED EVERYONE SUPPORT ON THIS ISSUE... Thanks Guys!




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