Re-Release Honey Cake in 2019 with a new Jumperskirt cut!

Louise O'Connor
Louise O'Connor 132 Comments
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The lolita community have been clamoring for another release of Honey Cake, and we would be grateful if our plea was considered for 2019 to have a Made-to-order summer release of the series! Many of us believe the special set cut is more flattering on the girls who have bigger torsos, so we would like to ask that the cut be added to the line of already existing Jumperskirts in the series as a mass produced cut, however we would also appreciate the re-release of the default cuts and the matching bag!

Angelic Pretty will be appearing as guests at Tekko and we would like to create this petition to show the designers how much we want Honey Cake to make a comeback! We hope you will consider this petition for a re-release <3



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