Re-Open Florida Short Term Rental Homes

Andrew Greenstein
Andrew Greenstein 136 Comments
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Help save Florida families from going under!

Since March 28th, it has been a crime in Florida to provide your home as a short-term rental to anyone who is not engaged in essential work. Meanwhile, rat-infested motels have been ENCOURAGED to remain open.

It no longer makes sense to bar pristine, sanitized luxury home rentals who follows safety protocols while allowing motels with multiple health code violations to welcome guests.

The unfair executive order banning short-term home rentals is scheduled to EXPIRE on April 30th

Sign to petition the governor NOT to renew it.

The livelihoods of THOUSANDS of Floridians who own rental properties (and who still have to pay the BILLS on those rental properties)…. is at stake.

Please sign. Please share.



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