Re-instate Officer Ed Pyznar to the D.E.E.P. ENCON Police

Casey Viara
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In April of 2012 Officer Edward Pyznar who patrolled the Bolton Lake area of Bolton CT. Was terminated from his employment from the D.E.E.P. Ed worked for the Dept. for 20 years full time and 9 seasons as a seasonal Officer. Ed has been targeted by a hand full of administrators since 2004, and in April 2012 without warning they called him in and terminated his employment. He was five years away from his retirement, and lost 1,475 hours of sick time, and 100 hours of Holiday comp time. He has a legally blind spouse and one son who count on him for health benefits as well as the other main income. Ed has always been a great! public relations person. He has been at countless fairs, schools and Boy and Girl scout organization teaching them about the environment and wildlife. Since his termination, The Division of Law Enforcement does not have anyone doing the outreach programs Pyznar took on himself. The divisions officers have been complaining of staffing issues with no relief. Two officers met with The D.E.E.P. Commissioner regarding the staffing issues, and they were told they were not going to hire anyone soon. This case is truly one of targeting by certain individuals in power to destroy a subordinate's life!! Please Consider signing this petition! Get our Officer that put countless hours in at the lake and the surrounding towns back to work!





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