Re: City of Denton Gas Well Drilling Regulations

Chelsea Bacher
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Dear Mayor Burroughs and City of Denton Council Members, 

As informed citizens, proud residents, and interested community members we want to encourage you to not over-regulate the natural gas industry as you consider amending the natural gas drilling ordinances.

Health and safety are major concerns among citizens when discussing the natural gas industry or any other activity in our city.  However, the natural gas industry has been a responsible citizen by abiding by safety regulations and using the most innovative technologies available to ensure safe operations.  These industry members and vendors currently have to follow very strong regulations and we have to recognize that if the companies do not act responsibly and with the community's best interests there will be consequences.

We should not underestimate the impact of the energy industry and the economic prosperity it has brought to North Texas.  This industry provides revenues to our state in the form of royalties and lease payments to cities and school districts, various permits and fees payable to local governments, levies, and tax revenues that directly impact our school districts.  

The companies and businesses involved in the natural gas industry have made North Texas economically strong with jobs that have brought many to live and work in this community.  For the future of Denton, it is critical that you do not extend the moratorium and take steps to support an industry that is responsible and has provided a great deal to this community in a responsible way.

Please take into consideration that many of your constituents support the natural gas industry in Denton and believe that there is no need to over-regulate a highly regulated and conscientious industry.




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