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River City to Hydrogen

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Bringing NEW-ENERGY TO Philadelphia NOW

What is RCtH?

Acomprehensive multilevel solution to our City’s silent Energy Crisis, ending the Fossil Fuel economy of Pollution, FRACKING, and Philadelphia yearning desire to transition to clean Green Energy. Utilizing our city’s existing Natural Gas based utilities infrastructure this project will generate a highly affordable & renewable based system centered completely on Hydrogen.

What is The Science?

RCtH converts Water to H2, City Sewage to a H2-rich clean 'synthetic gas' (SynGas), and Philadelphia’s Nuclear Plants to H2 Power Generator Plants. Post the H2 energy generating chemical reaction, Oxygen combines with the H2. The byproduct from H2 energy is amazingly H2 returning back to Water.

H2 is generated from water going through a process of Super Electrolysis. Using a low electric current, water goes through an Alkaloid Screen that has the molecular structure, which generates the Resonate Frequency of H20. Due to this unique process, only minimal current is needed to divide the H2O into O + H2 -> O is then filtered out via pressure. What is left is sustainably generated Hydrogen! This technology, developed by ProtonOnSite & Intellergy, is leading an alternative energy transition and is utilized by private enterprises around the world.

The BackgroundbehindRCtH

RCtH all begins with the technologic developments by the Proton On Site & Intellergy. Through the work of the community activist association, The United Block Captain’s Association of Philadelphia, the stated technologies were configured for a city-scale design and application.

Making the Transition

Switching from our Fossil Fuel system to this renewable green system is another addition to the phenomenal nature of this Energy Solution. Philly is in fact the most eligible candidate to switch to H2 energy. Without constructing a new energy infrastructure, which a different energy modality requires, RCtH would utilize both the Gas & Waterline’s existing physical system. Not only does this make a switch less that cheap, merely a few months will be needed to convert by following a two-phase process. Phase 1: consists of the NG line using 80% NG with 20% H2. This conveniently enables the industry to continuous run while making a full transition. Phase 2: fully integrates the new system, brings the City off NG, and onto H2 completely.

Streamlined Department Infrastructure, Cooperative Management, & Citizen Ownership

These are immense values & more innovations that the project are bringing to our Utilities. RCtH merges PGW (Philadelphia Gas Works) & PWD (Philadelphia Water Department) into The Philadelphia Energy & Water Works. Through this, Cooperative Business Management & Employee Citizen Ownership will be integrated into this new enterprise. This model has also been proven as a leading effective enterprise management model around the world.

The Petition:

We, the undersigned public of Philadelphia, require the City, at this present moment of time, to switch from our present fossil fuel based system to that of River City to Hydrogen, being a clean green renewable source of energy. This is the requirement of the Commonwealth of PA's law under Article 27. We the citizen of Philadelphia are the lawful owners of the public utilities, of which have been privatized into semi-government owned enterprises, having the majority stock ownership by the city. We require that the these utilities (PWD, PGW, PETO) to enact the Citizen Employee Ownership, a standard within this industry. Initial revenue by the industry to be utilized to repair the infrastructure of the system. The profit revenue generated to be directly financed to the public of Philadelphia. For PECO to transition to that of Nuclear Power to Hydrogen. For the Oil industry in PA to end Fracking. We demand for the city to transition now as everyone's life here in philadelphia is effected by the nature of fossil fuels.


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