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ATI should not affect our grades

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Rasmussen recently changed the nursing curriculum, making a change to the ATI Proctored exams grading. The ATI now weighs on the students overall grading scale; even if you achieve a level 2, you still receive an 85% (B) which concurrently drops your grade.

Students from several campuses and programs (LPN, ADN, BSN) have complaints about this grading. A particular student achieved a Level 2, but her grade dropped 6% with this new method. This grading drops students average more than our class exams, threatening a student who might have a B, dropping to a C, and a C to failing the class entirely because of ATI.

Achieving a level 3 to get 100% is hard. In some exams, the national mean only 3-4% of students achieved a level 3. Students would like to propose Rasmussen change this grading.

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