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Rare come back to Nintendo

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Rareware was once a small company who made some games like Sabreman. Then when the SNES came out Nintendo and Rareware made the best platformer on the SNES Donkey Kong Country. Then Rareware got famous, then on the Nintendo 64 Rareware made Diddy Kong Racing, this introduced Conkers and Banjo. Then they made Banjo Kazooie and Conkers Bad Fur Day. Rareware also made Gemini Force 3, GoldenEye007, and Perfect Dark. Rare made the N64 be the most popular system ever when they made the best Donkey Kong game ever, Donkey Kong 64!!! The Xbox sales were pretty crappy compared to the superior Nintendo 64. Microsoft made the Xbox, they made lots of computers and were rich. They purchased Rareware from Nintendo with their $375,000,000!!! Many games for the Gamecube were canceled like... Banjo Threeie (Banjo Kazooie 3) Conker's Other Bad Fur Day Donkey Kong Racing And much more... Microsoft changed Rareware's name to Rare, then they took away everything WE loved. No more Donkey Kong Country, no more Banjo Kazooie PLATFORMING games, no more Conkers PLATFORMING games, no more good GoldenEye007 games, no more good Perfect Dark Games, and finally no good Gemini Force Games!!!! If we put our dollars together, we can get a future for these beloved series, Donkey Country Returns and Donkey Jungle Beat were awesome but what happened to a 3-D platforming adventure like DK64!!! Lets buy back Rare for Nintendo!!!

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