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Rap Sucks

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Rap is that distinct horrible music that you constantly hear at your highschool, or on the street if you live in a city, or on the radio, or on TV. It can be identifyed by the \"drum\" beat that continually loops over and over. Often, listeners of rap identify the quality of a rap \"song\" by how \"phat\" its beat is, or something like that. Another major characteristic of rap, is the stupid lyrics that a bunch of \"bad ass muthas\" try to sing over the equally stupid drum machine and synthesizers. These lyrics are basically always about how they just busted a phat cap in their homeez azzes. Or about how \"life is hard in the ghetto\". Nobody gives a crap how life is in the ghetto, last time I was in the ghetto my wallet got stolen, so shut the hell up. Other crap I Hate About Rap Theres lots of other stuff about rap I hate. For one thing, its the horrible glamorization of it and its \"artists\". For example, I\'d like any rap fan out there to tell me who wrote the music to any rap song (and none of those freaking cheap puffy songs count, cause he always just uses other peoples music, thus ruining the original song because his new \"lyrics\" suck). I mean who wrote the MUSIC, not the lyrics, which are written by the stupid ass rappers. I\'ll tell you who wrote the music, a bunch of people you\'ve never heard of in your life, and never will, who know how to operate drum machines and computers. Basically, the rap \"artist\" asks them to make a real \"phat\" beat, they do so until its \"phat\" enough, then the rapper dubs in the lyrics over it. Ever notice that at rap \"concerts\" theres about 30 people in the background, aside from the stupid rapper and the 90 backup dancers, that you\'ve never seen in your life Those would be the people I\'m talking about. But of course, the rap \"artist\" always gets 100% credit for their new \"song\". However, I can tell you exactly who wrote both the lyrics and music to say, the Metallica song \"The Call of Ktulu\". The 4 (original) members of Metallica did, and they played the song themselves, with actual instruments (REAL drums, for example). I would like to see any rap \"artist\" pick up any real instrument and do anything impressive with it. Oh but wait, I made a mistake, \"The Call of Ktulu\" doesn\'t have lyrics, because its whats called an instrumental song. Of course in the rap world, nobody knows what the hell that means. Theres no instrumental rap songs, cause they would be freaking boring as hell. And theres not a single rapper or rap fan who can appreciate the talent it took to record a song like The Call of Ktulu. Dead Rappers The Notorious F.A.T and Deadpac. You know who I\'m talking about. Their retarded music is what killed them. If they weren\'t rappers they would still be alive, not that I would give a crap. The whole west side\\east side thing, that whole stupid deal started cause of rap. Its stupid, who gives a poo about the \"east side\" or \"west side\". God knows I dont. I dont think in the history of metal and rock any artist has ever been murdered. Except for John Lennon I suppose, but that had nothing to do with his music, the murderer was just insane. And then theres the people who claim Deadpac is still alive. Oh my god, he is NOT still alive, would you still be alive if you got SHOT IN THE HEAD, no! Here is why I believe he is dead: murder ---> autopsy --> funeral. Real Music Real music is defined as: not FREAKING rap! Basically, I consider any music that isn\'t rap\\pop\\techno to be real music. Any music played with instruments is real music. I\'m not saying I like ALL real music, but I\'m saying it\'s a hell of a lot better than any rap. I like metal and \"classic\" rock. Like Metallica, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Allman Brothers, Jimi Hendrix and Lynyrd Skynyrd. These are actual bands, these bands wrote their own music, played their own music, and it took a hell of a lot of talent to do it. And if your a rap fan, please don\'t try to argue that rap is better just cause of the \'rapping\'. Who the hell cares if there isn\'t some gangster spitting out lyrics wicked fast, theres a lot more to good music than that. Metallica of course, is still around, and has been since 1983, and they still kick ass. Black Sabbath has been around for almost 30 years, can you name one rapper that lasts that long Can you name one rapper who has more than 2 or 3 successfull songs I doubt it. Take Ricky Martin for example, he\'s not rap, but he\'s glammy pop crap, do you think your still even gonna know who he is a year from now Probably not

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