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Rape and abuse is not single gendered.

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The current Sexual Offences Act 2003 is gender-bias as the law only legally recognizes sexual offences committed by males as rape. This neglects those (males and females) who have been have been sexually assaulted by females.Right now 'rape' is defined as a man penetrating a woman without her consent. There is constant speak of gender equality however that statement completely disregards males and adds to the already growing toxic masculinity stigma. Rape should be defined as sexual intercourse of any kind without consent or without reasonable belief of consent.
In my country and may others, females can not be charged for rape cases, despite countless pieces of evidence.Alleged female rapists walk away without any kind of punishment and get to live out their life without any kind of criminal record.

From a personal standpoint, a male who was sexually abused from ages 4-16 and raped at 9,11 and 16. And who completely opened up and reported the abuse to local police WITH sufficient evidence only to be messed around with a court trial where the abuser was imprisoned for a lesser sentence a male would have received for her to then be let out months prior as my case was unimportant. I attended another court trial after this where my abuser was victimized and I was told my story and case was pointless. Finally for the abuser to repossess her job at my school and where I am forced to see her everyday and have been denied of a restraining order.

Any form of child abuse is serious and that those who sexually assault children should face criminal repercussions for these acts, regardless of the time that has passed and that they should not be able to hide behind a legal technicality.
There needs to be some serious reform in regards to gender equality with sexual abuse, assault and rape cases globally. Any signing of this petition is appreciated and will be used.

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