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Hi my name is Holly O'Shea, I currently live in Tamaqua Pennsylvania. This is the community where I'm raising my children. This is where I have made a life for my kids and myself for 6 years. Before I moved up here I lived in Allentown Pennsylvania with my childrens father Jose Perez. Back in 2007 Jose began doing drugs, his choice was heroin. Now being in 2016, Jose has struggled with that same addiction ever since. Fortunately, I have not lost him physically but I have lost him mentally,spiritually,emotionally and most of all my children have lost their father. He couldnt do regular daily activities without wanting to be high now, currently he sits in prison for the numerous times over the years. I hold this subject very close to my heart being the fact that somebody I love is addicted to drugs being that his addiction has become a disease. There's too many people in this area that are losing their lives to these drugs, heroin and methamphetamine. I understand that it is self choice that you decide to do drugs but as a community we have got to stand up raise up and give these people some hope. I'm making this online petition for individuals to sign in hopes of taking it to a state representative to see that we need resources where the problem exists, right here in our backyard. There is too many people in this area that are losing their lives to these drugs. We have got to start at the core of this issue I'm in hope that we can get people to sign this to bring this community together united and showing these individuals that there is still love hope faith and comfort. I don't really have any background on running a campaign or outreaches or to really know where to begin but I know death because of drug overdoses is becoming too common. I hear a lot of people say that is the War on Drugs but in reality it's a war on disease. I'm hoping with as many signatures businesses wanting to get involved starting from the core of this issue and working outward we are able to revive this area using faith,hope, love, and comfort. I don't really know where any of these issues stem from I don't really know why people pick up bags and needles but I do know that we want to see it stop. They are not just killing themselves they're killing their family, best friends and most of all the community. The youngest person I have met in this area talking about doing drugs was 15 years old. Our dream would be that there is a recreation center for Children and teenagers to have something to do, somewhere to go,somewhere to belong. Our second would be a soup kitchen and a homeless shelter for people to come and be able to have a hot meal per day and a homeless shelter for individuals that have nowhere to go. As for people who know me I am one to offer hot meals a place to stay and a listening ear. I can't tell you how many people I speak to you that are on these drugs, that are just happy to be speaking to someone without judgement and acceptance and having an understanding to the Misunderstood. That is what we need in this community and surrounding areas, we need more individuals to listen and accept this disease without judgement, bring them back into the community and let them know that there is a helping hand a listening ear and good that can be done with their help as well. It will take time it will take resources but we have got to start somewhere. Getting these people to feel comfort in their disease will help bring them closer to sobriety and purpose. By giving faith, hope, love, and comfort they will feel purpose again no judgement,no discrimination, just something to do, somewhere to go,a purpose to volunteer. I ask if you want to see this community revive itself not have to worry so many people are losing their lives please sign. There is abandoned buildings abandoned churches places that still stand that can be used for these facilities and services. Most of all this is where I am raising my children. The possibilities are endless but so are drug overdoses. We think with the right approach the right understanding and no judgement passed bringing this community together is possible. Raise up and be high on life, the life that we are blessed with. Our dream is to see not just these facilities but somewhere for therapy and the other related services A Safe Haven to do drugs and also clean supplies to do so. We do not live in an inner city but that is what it's becoming. It is not a problem that can continue to be ignored. We want to see more signatures, then coffins, more facilities, then drug dealers more recovery then death, more happiness then sadness. Please we beg you, RAISE UP. UNITE. HIGH ON LIFE. This campaign is possible and in hopes of a few individuals plus myself speaking and discussing these issues. These silent cries need to be heard.

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