Raise the Minimum Wage in Concord, CA

Savannah Wadsworth
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The occupants of Concord, CA request that the minimum wage be raised to $10.74 an hour. In reference to to the bill signed by Governor Jerry Brown at the end of last year, the California minimum wage will be raised to $10 an hour. Unfortunately, the raise will occur in two parts and will not reach $10 an hour until 2016. That is not soon enough. The workers, students, and residents of Concord are seeing rises in rental and leasing prices as well as gas and food price hikes; the minimum wage raise is a neccessity now, not later.

According to the National Employment Law Project website, if the Federal minimum wage had kept up with inflation, it would be at $10.74 an hour. Although not every city in California requires a minimum wage over $10 to live, Concord does. The minimum wage increase would have a positive effect on all occupants of Concord. When workers are paid more, not only do they have a better morale, meaning that they actually want to go to work, but they will also spend more. When workers spend more, the local economy does better. Workers are able to spend more in local businesses, which will eventually help make more money for the city as a whole.

The city's minimum wage needs to be greater than or equal to the average cost of living in the city of Concord. This would include the cost of renting or leasing an apartment or home, the cost of food, and the cost of utilities. Although the actual cost of living would include much more (ie. gas, telephone, internet, etc.), the total cost only includes what is neccessary.

The effect of raising the minimum wage to a current living wage will help make a brighter future for the city of Concord.

SIGNING THE PETITION NOTE: When signing the petition, please include your full home address, school name & address, and/or work address as it is required that you either live, work, or attend school in Concord, CA. The more information you provide, the better a chance this petition has.




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