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Ron Leach
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β€œIn the U.S. Army, our service men and women are expected to exemplify the values contained in the Acronym LDRSHIP. Loyalty-Duty-Respect-Selfless Service-Honor-Integrity-Personal Courage. I believe our political and corporate leaders must adopt these values if we are to have a Kentucky and America that works for all of us. The sheer greed of many politicians and Corporate Leaders is disloyal and a disservice to our communities, workers, Kentucky families and the best interest of our Nation. The ever-widening disparity in America is unethical, disrespectful to working men and women, dishonorable, and completely lacking in integrity – and is absolutely unsustainable. If America is to maintain our position in the world, we need leaders not looters. Anything else is immoral, inconsistent with our American values and truly puts Kentucky and the United States at a competitive disadvantage. If morality escapes our corporate leaders – as it appears to, then we must have folks in government that will not fail to protect the American Worker, our Families and the long-term economic health of our nation.”

In Congress, I pledge to represent hard working families in the fight for a livable wage.

Please join our campaign to raise the minimum wage by signing this petition.


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