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Radiation or the Health and Safety of Our Children?

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This petition is about:
1. A vote for establishing a safe cell-tower/antenna-free perimeter around all schools, day care centers, and nursing homes in Rappahannock County until science proves the towers/antennas are safe.
2. A vote against a cell tower at the Rappahannock County High School.
3. School Board's disregard for Strategic Plan, Goal #2, “Ensure a Safe and Healthy Learning Environment.”

This petition is not against cell service for Rappahannock.

It does not matter which group of experts any Board member agrees with, the indisputable fact is that scientific experts cannot agree on the dangers/safety of cell towers therefore:

The Board of Supervisors needs to:
1. Establish guidelines for a safe cell-tower/antenna-free perimeter around all schools and nursing homes physically located in Rappahannock County (including Day Care Centers & Private Schools) in order to protect the health of all children in this county until science - not AT&T - proves that cell towers are safe.

2. Deny the application for a cell tower at Rappahannock County High School (RCHS) because the School Board agreed 50% of the available information on the internet states the towers are a health risk especially for children.

3. Monitor the School Board because they have been remiss in the performance of Strategic Plan, Goal #2, “Ensure a Safe and Healthy Learning Environment.”

Some health issues experts have identified as possible cell tower risks are: ADHD/ADD, agitation, Alzheimer's disease, anxiety, autism, birth defects, blood barrier damage, brain cancer, brain disorders, breast cancer, buzzing in the head, cancer, dementia, depression, difficulty in concentration, dizziness, DNA damage, headaches, heart problems/complications, heat sensation, hindered learning, hormonal imbalances, increased blood pressure, infertility, insomnia, leukemia in children, lightheadedness, lower sperm count, memory disruptions, miscarriage, muscle fatigue, nervousness, pain, palpitations of the heart, Parkinson's disease, shortness of breath, sleeping disorders, tinnitus, and tremors. (Notes: Children are the most susceptible to risk. Twenty two is the age science has determined that the skull of a child will be fully mature.)

This petition is because of the School Board's apparent willingness to move forward with negotiations for a cell tower at RCHS admitting that there is a 50% 50% chance that a cell tower may be a health risk especially to children in order for the county to receive a monthly lease check. (Note 1: It was agreed at the School Board meeting Aug 12, the information read by four School Board Members was about 50% safe 50% dangerous. Note 2: The article in the Aug 14, Rappahannock News quotes three of the Board members as preferring not to have a tower at the school. One member stated that they would only sign if “it provided both an economic advantage to the school and didn't pose a safety hazard.” Then four members voted to move forward with negotiations -- one member voted no.)

We do not believe we should have to get a group of people together and fight the Board on this issue. Until cell towers are proven to be safe by science - not AT&T or the School Board - the county should not risk the health of any child. A School Board who cares more about our children than they do about money should not need one outside person to tell them that if there is a 50% chance a child may get sick or die, you do not move forward with negotiations. Instead, you move forward with establishing a safe cell-tower/antenna-free perimeter around all schools which will also prohibit a tower being built too close to a school on a neighboring property. To us it is that simple. According to the School Board's web page Strategic Plan Goal #2 it is their job to: “Ensure a Safe and Healthy Learning Environment.”

But, if we need to get a group of people to tell the School Board to do their job, then please help by signing on the reverse or contacting your Board of Supervisor representative and express your disbelief that responsible adults would jeopardize the health of our children for money.

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