Racial Discrimination Around the World

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Do you know that there’s a tremendous crisis happening on earth? This is called racial discrimination. Many people around the world are still experiencing racial discrimination, 92 % of African-Americans are still believing that racial discrimination still exists today. There are different types of racial discrimination like educational discrimination, transportation discrimination and bathroom discrimination. Rosa Parks was one hard working woman fighting for civil right and gender inequality.Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus during the segregation which caused her to go to jail. Rosa Parks was helping to stop the separating of blacks and whites in the buses, what caused a boycott that ended in 1956.This trauma should be stopped immediately before it gets out of control.

One event where racism happened was with Martin Luther King. When he was in school he experienced racial discrimination. His first encountered of racism was when he and his friend were separated in the bus. He was in the back seat and his friend was in the front seat. Another incident was in school, classrooms were separated from blacks and whites. Today in America, discrimination is still prevalent in schools and universities. In some schools in America more black people are getting punished more than the whites. This is like what happened to Tyrone a young boy who got into trouble and was suspended immediately without examining the situation.

While many people still think racism is no longer a problem now in many areas of the world. Public school students of color get more punishment and less access to veteran teachers than the whites according to surveys released by the U.S. education department that include data from the U.S. schools district.
Moreover,Black students are most often suspended or expelled three times the rate of their peers, according to the U.S. education departments in 2011-2012 civil rights data collection, a survey conducted every two years. Five percent of whites were suspended annually compared with 16% of black students according to their report cards.While Black girls were suspended at a rate of 12%. That’s far more greater than girls of other ethnicities and most categories of boys. At the same time minority students have less access to experience teachers. Most minority students and English language learners are stuck in school with the newest teachers.

I hope that we have provided enough information for the viewers to understand the concept of Racial Discrimination. We would love if our petition could get signed,liked and commented please.If possible could we please get 50 views or more per person.
We all believe that humans in planet earth should thrive to make a change in this harsh topic, that should be immediately stopped!Please Spread the Voice.


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