Racial abuse towards indians in uk and indian students at risk in uk.

Prabhu Prasad
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Recent changes to be made to uk visa rules, delebrately mentioning indians among very few other countries as the country with risk, uk government says that indians are among the other few countires who void there visa rules and abuse there immigration system. How true is it? If indians are your immigration voilaters why does mr cameron went to india with 100 delegations to improve the business and bilateral ties along with india. If your government cannot trust the people of that country how does your goverment expect to increase bilateral trade with our country. Students are cheated by various colleges in uk, they take money from students, the colleges do not offer the course the student come here to study.after taking huge loans from banks and other financial institutions in there country. All they have to do is sacrifise there profession for the chicky education business here in uk.and the government regards the students as visa abusers. The college and university here is sacked down of there licenses in middle of a students ongoing term, hence the students are forced to either go back to there own country or find a different education sponsor in which case the students have to again pay the entiee course fees, Does the government think that money grows on trees in foreign country, What steps does the uk government take so that the legitimate students are not cheated, they do nothing? Hence i request every one to sign this petition so that we can raise our voice against this fraudlent uk government practise and help other people from falling pray to such cheat education business and also raise our voice against such racist approach toward us indians and asking us to pay a bond of 3000£ for a visitors visa




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