SSMU Referendum on QPIRG Fee

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NOTE: Signatories do not necessarily support or oppose the below motion, but simply support the motion appearing on the Fall 2010 SSMU Referenda ballot. -------------------- Referendum Regarding the Annulment of QPIRG McGill’s $3.75 Student Fee In 1988, a referendum established QPIRG in the McGill community to operate as a student-funded organization pursuing the interests of students on issues of public concern. QPIRG was supposed to promote and undertake appropriate public action. Whereas QPIRG McGill receives an opt-outable fee of $3.75 per semester from 21,109 Student Society of McGill University members ($158,317.50 total per year if there were no opt-outs), with which it funds goals and groups that deeply disturb members of the SSMU, including but not limited to: Tadamon! (a group who supports the terrorist organization of Hezbollah and whose goal it is to have the Canadian Government remove Hezbollah from the government’s list of terrorist organizations), and Students Taking Action in Chiapas (an organization which actively supports the violent Mexican Zapatista rebel movement and seeks to bring “the struggle back home”); Whereas QPIRG McGill alienates members of the SSMU and McGill students with its and its affiliates’ claims of “Canadian Apartheid” and “Israeli Apartheid”; Whereas QPIRG has contestably violated Articles 3 and 4 of the SSMU Equity Policy, namely SSMU’s dedication to “promote an anti-oppressive environment” and each of the 7 objectives of the policy including fair and equitable treatment of all persons, personal and professional integrity, respect for academic freedom, respect for diversity, respect for personal and Society property, respect for safety, and respect for the dignity of all persons; Whereas QPIRG has been banned from tabling in Engineering for a period up to one year by the EUS Council in response to acts of political intimidation and violence; QPIRG McGill should not be allowed to disregard and violate the SSMU’s standards of ethical behaviour, and should only be funded by students who wilfully make the decision to donate an amount of money of their choice, and at a time of their choosing; Do you agree that the $3.75 student fee (per semester) of every SSMU member to fund QPIRG McGill be annulled effective immediately?



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