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Stop The P.V. Uniform Dress Code From Passing

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Dear ________________, We, we being most of the student population of Pleasant Valley Middle and High School, are aware of the new uniform dress code that is in consideration of being passed in the near future. The reason for this is to inform you why we shouldn’t have to be made to wear or go by a uniform dress code. The first thing we’d like to bring to your attention and make aware to you is that by statements, such that stated in the first amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, everyone is entitled to freely express themselves. We understand that this is school and there is a certain degree of which this freedom exists to us on school premises, but we should have somewhat of a say as to what we wear on our own bodies day to day. Every child is made to go to school every year up through twelfth grade for an education by the government, but they allow us to chose what kind of school we want to go to, which is determined by what policies the school offers and the rules of the school. The choice left to us is to chose whether we want to go to a private school, in most cases makes their students wear uniforms or go by a dress code, or public school, you should have the freedom to dress how you would like, in most cases. The students attending Pleasant Valley are attending a public school which should not be forced to wear uniforms and should have a dress code to a degree, but not as far as a uniform dress code. We also see the understanding behind changing the dress code because some students abuse it. That’s understandable to a degree, but not enough to completely change the dress code. There has been and always will be, the students who will go against the rules and those students should be dealt with individually, it shouldn’t be taken out on everyone just because a few students feel they have to go against the rules. A major problem that would arise from making us where uniforms would be the prices families would have to pay for regular clothes and then clothes for school to go by the new uniform dress code on top of it. With the rise of prices in the economy, some families are barely making it by, now, week to week just by buying the essentials. The new uniform dress code would make it even harder for those families. (Especially those with more than one child attending PV) The uniform dress code then doesn’t only effect the students attending the school day to day, but also their parents and home life which could lead to an unhealthy home environment and possibly cause stress on that student from stress at home. This new dress code may also lessen the bullying rate because there wont be a difference between what most people are wearing because everyone would be all wearing basically the same things, but you’re not going to stop bullying completely and bullying occurs everywhere; after high school, at jobs, online, etc., it will never be prevented. And the subject that with the uniforms will cause less distraction while learning also isn’t all that true. Those students who are dedicated enough to their work and studies pay attention in class and don’t really care what the person next to them is wearing every day. I find that by saying that clothing are a distraction during class is more of an excuse to get rid of the dress code we have now just because there’s a few people once in a while who get in trouble for it and those of authority in the schools don’t like to deal with the problems. **** conclusion *****



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