Single payer or the public option the only way to control insurance profits

Patricia Randolph
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We demand a public option or single payer insurance for all citizens. There is a place for government in society that PROTECTS democracy and the interests of the people. It is why we have a government that provides basic services like fire departments, police protection, and societal parameters. The insurance companies and big pharma have confused the public by propagandizing their tired old lies about government take-over. A public option sets up competitive pricing to BALANCE the insurance company MONOPOLY on pricing. It insures on an ongoing basis that health care is a right and not only for the rich. Single payer, like most industrialized countries have institutionalized through their more people-centered governments, is the ONLY way to cut costs and keep health care affordable. But we have a corporate run government and a corporate profit based model now. Do you really want more of the same? More hikes in premiums, and more denial of services to profit the corporations? The ONLY way to have any real reform is to demand that health care is a right and not a profit center for the rich corporations. Ignorance is winning this battle. We need the public to stand up and demand the public option to create fair pricing and fair access to all.




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