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Paris Hilton should do her time like everyone else

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Paris Whitney Hilton is a spoiled idiot who has added nothing of value to American society. She has never worked for or accomplished anything because she has been able to sponge off the wealth created by her father, Richard Hilton. She provides a terrible example of immorality, mindless hedonism and selfishness for young people all over the U.S. and the world. She even has the gall to say that her life "provides beauty and excitement to the mundane lives of most Americans." Can you imagine the arrogance one must have to make such a statement Assuming that everyone's lives are mundane compared to hers just because she's a spoiled bimbo hanging around nightclubs every night of her meaningless life It's sickening. As most of America now knows, Ms. Hilton was just charged in a Los Angeles court with DUI and sentenced to 45 days in Century Regional Detention Facility in California beginning on or before June 5, 2007. She is now doing everything she can to avoid serving the sentence that was given to her. She has become so accustomed to feeling superior to the "normal people" that she thinks she shouldn't have to serve her jail sentence, either. Considering Paris Hilton's lifestyle, she probably drives drunk all the time. She just got caught this time. We, the American public, feel Paris Hilton should go to jail just like anyone else would and not be able to dodge her sentence because her dad made some money and gave it to her. Don't let anyone tell you that Paris shouldn't serve her sentence because other celebrities who were arrested for drunk driving or other driving-related offenses didn't get jail time. Those people probably deserved a break because they have some real talent and contributed something to society, while Paris has no talent, has contributed nothing, and so deserves no said break. In fact, a little adversity would probably go far to extricate Ms. Hilton's head from her posterior and maybe even help her identify with the "normal people" she thinks she is so much better than. This petition is to ask Governor Schwarzenegger to make sure Paris Hilton pays for her crime. She says she has learned her lesson already, but how is that possible when she hasn't served any time yet She will have learned her lesson when she can spend some time in the clink playing the blues on an old guitar and truly reflecting on her misspent life. Paris Hilton is putting on a show right now trying to convince everyone that she is sincerely sorry, but she's really just trying to avoid sleeping on a stained mattress without silk linens and down comforters, not to mention the lumpy, county-issued pillow, which will surely be a living hell for her. Ms. Hilton seems to enjoy kissing other women at nightclubs, so she shouldn't have any trouble accepting the advances of women in jail who seek to establish an intimate relationship with her, either. The framers of the Save Paris Hilton petition compare her pardon with the late Former President Gerald Ford pardoning Richard Nixon after his mistake. The comparison is ludicrous. Aside from the whole President of the United States thing, Richard Nixon was a self-made intellectual who served his country in many ways, not some spoiled socialite partying for a living. Don't fall for the "poor little Paris Hilton" BS. If she saw you, me, or any of the "common people" she looks down on, she wouldn't give us the time of day. Now she wants you to sign a petition to keep her pampered keester out of jail Give me a break. Sign below to make her justified and deserved sentence stand and defeat the pathetic "fans", who by the way are harvesting email addresses and names from the internet and adding them to the "Save Paris" petition. (It happened to me, which is why I wrote this counter-petition.) Paris will be better off in the long run, and we'll all get a break for a few months from watching her do her best to corrupt the minds of our children, like all the other morally bereft idiots we call "celebrities" these days. Sign below and have a nice Paris-free day.

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