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Push the Tanyard springs HOA board to invest our money back into the community.

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We the undersigned would like to request that the HOA board of Tanyard springs layout a document similar to the one below showing plans to further develop this community beyond what is currently is. There is a surplus in the budget that currently just pads the reserves and we want to see it being used for something useful.


An example plan is laid out below as to how a functioning 10 yr plan could work to accomplish the many idea that residents have that would make our neighborhood rise up in value and functionality as well as maintain residence and increase pride in what we have.

Based on a 100k a year budget towards community improvement, spread out over 10 years this allows for a million dollars in improvements.

Objective; accomplish the following projects over a 10 year term for the overall improvement of the neighborhood, plans may be co constructed or done in succession as budget/timelines allow based on cost estimations as received by licensed qualified contractors who will be vetted by homeowners with experience in the field to insure a quality project before plans are submitted to board for financial analysis between plans.

this allows the improvements to be considered by people knowledgeable in the field and not simply based off the dollars and cents as we want to ensure the most for our money in the long run not simply the cheapest solution.

Current proposed list:
Functional HOA website that is user friendly
Access card locks on all Community amenities to preserve our investments
Expansion and access control of basketball courts
Shade covers on Playgrounds to allow use during the extreme heat times of the year
Sediment pond landscaping to improve aesthetics (look into allowing some of them to stay full of water not constantly drained and putting in fountain)
Lighted Path ways for safety, security, and use in non daylight hours, specifically the bridge areas.
Expansion of the clubhouse/gym to allow better use for larger events and to allow community functions to be held inside and not only be used for rentals.

HOA website (currently already in the works) Cost- 10k (includes any equipment needed/maintenance costs over 10 years)
Expand access control to the dog park to ensure only residents and their guests have access COST 7k

Put in additional half court next to existing court and fence it in in the same manner as tennis courts with electronic access
Expand tennis court towards clubhouse to allow a full basketball court along side the 2 tennis court COST- 50k combined
Start gathering costs and having estimates submitted for 2-5 plans

Install Sun shades that match what is in the pool area over existing playgrounds to keep temperatures down on equipment in direct sunlight for the safety of the kids. COST 15k each playground (45-60 total)
lighted Path ways on bridges, as well as on all walk ways that are not afforded light from community street lights. these lights should be much smaller and softer in nature to discourage hangout usage, but instead to simply allow people to feel safe and see their way when walking/running after sunlight hours COST: 250-300k
Landscaping on sediment ponds to improve aesthetics, using rocks to cover areas that cannot support plant life, and using plants to soften the effects and encourage wildlife to nest there. 100-200k
Get estimates submitted for 5-10 plans
Start drafting a 5/10 plan starting on completion of year 5 to align with current state of community and reevaluate current 5-10 plans to make sure they are still needed/in the best interest of community or should be delayed.

Expansion of the clubhouse by building a separate structure that can house the gym to the right of existing clubhouse to allow for more equipment and more patrons to utilize it at the same time. then expand the clubhouse meeting area to take over the existing gym space to allow for larger crowds and better utilize total Sq footage in building. (Cost benefit to making the new building for the gym is that a gym requires much less aesthetically pleasing interior thus keeping construction costs down, and existing building would require minimal work to expand it for meeting area and making it flow with existing) COST 300k

TOTAL based on high estimates 927k

10+ years, add a second entry way feature on opposite side of clocktower to improve neighborhood entrance, consider a large natural water /pond feature that could support being stocked with fish to allow for community to have kids fishing events.
Consider if gated community is still a demand by homewoners based on traffic/non resident use of neighborhood

As a note Storage areas for boats/trailers and all large common areas to be irrigated where is reasonably feasible are additional features that could also be added into the ever developing of improving our wonderful neighborhood.

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