Truth-in Job Posting

Jim Dusten
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We, the undersigned users of Craigslist's services, want to formally, and collectively, request that Craigslist do a better job of scrutinizing the "jobs" that are offered on their website. Job "seekers" waste too much time chasing and following links to job offerings that are not REAL. At the same time, job posters that have "REAL" legitimate jobs to offer to the "seekers" are encumbered by the rule-breakers and have a much more difficult time being found by those who would benefit from these "REAL" jobs. The economy is bad enough already and has created a huge market for people who are looking for either part-time work to supplement their incomes, or who are out of work and looking for full time jobs and incomes. Some people, also, might already have a full-time job but that job doesn't pay very much, and so they are looking for a BETTER job that pays more. Better scrutiny of all jobs posted would make Craigslist a much better job site, and would benefit both job seekers and job posters. I encourage all the users out there who avail themselves of Craigslist's service to join their voices with mine to make Craigslist a better, more efficient, and more user-friendly experience for all of us!




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    Jim Dusten United States
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