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Charles Downing
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To whom may I concern:

We the Deaf People write this letter with a heavy heart. We are writing to ask you to withhold your sponsorship of Deaf Read and Both of these websites are important tools for the Deaf community that have been sanctioning and promoting attacks against members of our community – including women and children.

If Deaf Read and would comply with their own guidelines: R- list which Deaf Read and created. It did not to list or publish attack blogs / vlogs and prohibited audism/ oppression as it does sexism, racism, heterosexism, etc, We would have no issues with them. Some of those attackers found way to call the police, work place, and school to retrieve the individual’s background such as home address and work address. They have issued false reports against organizations and individuals to their workplace, home life, and professional organizations.Unfortunately, Deaf Read and have chosen to run numerous vlog/blog entries attacking organizations and individuals:


Deaf Bilingual Coalition

Audism Free America

Deafhood Foundation

Ella Mae Lentz

Dr. Candace McCullough and daughter, Jeanne McCullough

Nikki and daughter

Barbara Digi

Carl Schroeder

and many more

We are truly value free speech but it does not allow slander and libel. Deaf Read and have editorial rights to simply not carry blogs/vlogs or specific entries that are harmful to our community. Individuals expressing their opinions are fine. However, individuals called FACTS about deaf issues when they are in fact NOT should not be carried by a reputable aggregator and website which YOU, PURPLE, sponsor and support.

In 2007,  Don Imus made derogatory comments towards African-American women Rutgers University basketball team. The community spoke out against it and the radio program and sponsors that carried him put him in his place. The sponsors listened to the community’s concern and helped refine where the line is even for shock jockey’s. The radio station and Don Imus were held accountable.

We will do no less for our Deaf community. What PURPLE Communications VRS has been financing via Deaf Read and is unacceptable and reflects very badly on a company that is trying to show its loyalty, care, and support of a disenfranchised community while facing very difficult times.

We would be appreciating if you put your remaining funds to better use than to sponsor websites that do harm. Many many many great voices and ideas have become paralyzed or silent in the face of what DR and DVTV have been sanctioning and promoting. In addition, some good voices have grown ugly as a result of seeing these injustices. It will harbor and educate the hearing viewers “RED LIGHT, to oppress the deaf community in any public places”

We beseech upon you to listen to the wisdom of Joey Baer, Patti Durr and all the other unheard cries, “to bigotry, no sanction, to persecution no assistance.” PURPLE Communications must listen to its conscience and cut off Deaf Read and if Deaf Read and choose not to cut off bloggers/vloggers who have attacked, libeled and slandered organizations and individuals in our community.


Respectfully yours,

Charles B. Downing




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