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Change Purina Ingredients or remove it

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This petition has been conjured up for the simple fact Purina promotes the fact their food for dogs and cats is healthy and promotes a healthy lifestyle, which is quite the contrary. Foods containing artificial dyes as well as grains (mainly corn) do so much damage to an animals organs, but the owners never know until its too late, and even then they dont think the food is causing or has caused the issues. Many animals have died from eating various Purina products, Beneful, Alpo, Pro-plan just to name a few. I can no longer sit by and watch as a company promotes a food that essentially poisons your animals whether you know it or not. Corn is not a natural food nor is it healthy for a dog or cats digestive system simply for the fact they are not biologically made to digest such grains, just as wild dogs dont look for corn fields to feed and cows dont eat other cows or meat period. The artificial dyes added are by products of petroleum and are made from hydrocarbons among many other preservatives and ingredients most of us never look at.(Sounds healthy right?). Well its not, and clearly if you go to Benefuls facebook and look at the various complaints, including people who have lost their beloved animals by causes DIRECTLY linked to ingredients in these foods, all they can do is tell you to call, and i quote "talk to their "team" ". Im starting this petition in hopes of getting 50,000 signatures, to get Purina to remove all of its products from the shelves or DRASTICALLY change their ingredients to a completely safe and FDA approved state. You may say well wait the food is FDA approved...well it isnt, just the singled out ingredients are, and there is not telling what they do together. I am an animal lover and I care for everyones pets and I pray you do the research if you feed your dog or cat any purina products, as to stop any irreversible damage, and possibly save you a lot of money on future vet bills. So please if you are with me, our voices can be heard and we can speak for the ones who cant, our loving pets. If your skeptical, all I can say is do a fair amount of research and i guarantee that your eyes will be opened to the truth. The truth that this company does not care for your animals, they care for the money. *https://www.facebook.com/beneful* See for yourselves, how beneful can do nothing but express sympathy and nothing more because their pockets are filled with our money, while our animals suffer. I KNOW WE CAN REACH THE GOAL, please everyone lets make this happen, and as soon as we can!! A concerned animal lover 

 -William Perkins :)

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